Cannon Music Camp - June 22nd to July 13th, 2019

Camp & Application Requirements

2019 Camp dates are Saturday, June 22nd to Saturday, July 13th, 2019

  • Application requirements: Camp is for rising high school freshman to graduating high school seniors. Cannon Music Camp seeks to accept those students who have a strong sense of character and citizenship, along with superlative musical and scholar achievements. The camp does not wish to admit the student who is unable to act responsibly, follow directions, or accept constructive criticism. We request the applicants school administration to evaluate the student's disciplinary record and attendance, along with their judgement as to the capability to interact with 200+ other students. We request a referral from their music instructor as to their ability to perform repertoire at Grade Level IV or higher.

  • Grade Level IV performance: Most students are level IV if they have completed courses, relevant skills and played for 1-2 years in their school band, orchestra or choir. Cannon Music Camp students should be able to read music and take a theory class.

Performance Quotas

Enrollment is limited to 228 campers with quotas for each performance area.

Early enrollment is ONLY offered to returning campers in November.

Wait-List- If a performance area is full, complete an application and get on our wait-list. Then follow thru with the 2 other required forms. Last year we had 30+ cancellations and many happy campers who got to attend by being on our wait-list. Once on our wait-list, we will not deposit your application deposit of $100 until there is an opening and you have confirmed you want the spot.



Camp enrollment may be limited and/or students waitlisted if enrollment for a specific gender reaches capacity for the camper residence hall.

2019 Performance AreaEnrolled Limit
Bassoon  8
Cello 10 12
Clarinet 15 17
Bass Clarinet  1 5
Euphonium 8 9
Flute  (waitlist open)18  18
French Horn (waitlist open)13 13
Oboe  8
Percussion 9 12
Piano8 13
Saxophone11 12 
Double Bass 10 11
Trombone 15 16
Trumpet 17 18
Tuba (waitlist open)1010
Viola (waitlist open)12 12
Violin 26 28
Voice 23 24

Total Enrolled



Cannon Camp Statistics

Below is a representation of 200 campers
over the past years:
Freshman                     18 
Sophomore                   50   
Junior                           64   
Seniors                         62
Rising Collge Freshmen  15
Girls 122 Boys 87   
Years attending camp:
1st year                 131
2nd year                  64
3rd year                   12
4th year                     2    

Camp requirements are listed to the right of this page

1. Application Process (New Camper Applications Accepted Dec 3, 2018 

  • Complete and SIGN the 2019 Cannon Application (located at the bottom of this page) (New Camper Applications Accepted Dec 3, 2018) , send the signed application forms by mail with your application deposit of $100.00 (check or money order) payable to Cannon Music Camp. Digital signatures are not accepted on the health/emergency form at this time at Appalachian State University. This will hold a space in your performance area, until notice of your acceptance.  

  • OR if paying by credit/debit card, send the signed application forms via E-Mail or Fax. Then call the camp office (see contact information on the left side of this page) to make your credit/debit card $100 application deposit payment. We only accept visa or master card. Application form and $100.00 Deposit are due together. Digital signatures are not accepted on the health/emergency form at this time at Appalachian State University.

  • To complete the acceptance process: The applicant needs to forward the next following 2 items, forms are located at the bottom of this page. The normal turn around for the forms are 2-4 weeks. Remember, your space is secured when you send in your application and deposit, once we receive the 2 forms back, we will review and notify you of your acceptance. 

  1. Forward the form "School Recommendation Form.pdf"  by e-mail or hand delivery to your School Counselor or Assistant Principal to complete. They will need to submit it back to us - not the applicant.

  2. Forward the form "Music Instructor Referral Form.pdf" by e-mail or hand delivery to your school music director or private instructor. They will need to submit it back to us - not the applicant.  (if applicant is a returning camper- this form is not required)

  • Meal Plan: A meal plan is required.  ASU also accepts debit cards and cash on campus if the balance on the meal plan runs low. Please see Meal Plan for more information and pricing of meals in Sanford Commons and the Rivers Street Cafe all-you-can-eat buffet.
  • Enrollment: Opens December 3rd for new campers. We accept applications up to the day before camp, if there is space in their performance area and camp housing. Most popular areas that fill in quickly are; Trumpet, Flute, Saxophone, and Clarinet.

2. Acceptance Process:

Once we receive the school recommendation form from your school AND the music instructor referral form from your school music director OR private music instructor, you & your parent/guardian will be notified via e-mail of acceptance. When you sent in your application and deposit you secured your space.

3. Payment Process:

Tuition/Meal Payments will begin at the application process.

You do not have to wait for acceptance to start your payment process, see our cancellation policy.

Here are your 2 options:

  1. You can choose to make installments once your application & deposit is submitted, of any amounts, with all accounts paid in full by June 14th.
  2. OR After submitting your application & deposit, a payment of any amount is due before or by May 1st, at anytime you can make installments if you wish, with all accounts paid in full by June 14th. 

We know these schedules may not work for everyone, so please, if other dates or arrangements are needed, contact Greg in the camp office, we are more than willing to work with families.

We accept checks, money orders (payable to Cannon Music Camp) or credit/debit cards. If paying by credit/debit card we take Visa or MC- you will need to call our office to process your payment. We do not store your credit/debit card information, so you have to call each time you want to pay by credit/debit card. Office contact information and mailing address is on the left side of this page.

4. Withdraw Process:

If you need to withdraw your application, April 12th is the cancellation notification deadline to receive your $100 application deposit refunded AND any other monies paid. After April 12th, you will receive any monies paid LESS the $100.00 application deposit. The only way to cancel is by e-mail or letter. 

Tuition Fees, Scholarships and Performance Quotas:

  • 2019 Tuition/Housing Fees are $1645 plus a meal plan of  $270, $295, or $315.

  • Scholarship requests can be sent along with the application or after you have submitted your application. Scholarship request deadline is March 29th. Our funding closes March 29th or when funds are depleted, whichever occurs first. You should have submitted scholarship requests by March 29th or accepted our offer by the date located on your letter or e-mail. Visit our Scholarships tab for information on the process.

  • If you are applying for scholarships that are NOT from Cannon Music Camp, PLEASE let Greg know so we can watch for payments.

5. Information:

  • PDF FORMS (below) are ADOBE Fillable forms. First open form with a different viewer (if prompted) as ADOBE READER, then save the form to your desktop by naming it, THEN FILL OUT, save, print and sign the form to complete. Appalachian State University requires an actual signature on the health/emergency form, they do not accept digital signatures at this time.  You can also forward forms to the school and music instructor by saving the form to your desktop and attaching in an e-mail.
  • Performance areas fill quickly, please secure your space by sending in your application, then forward your School Recommendation and Music Referral to the appropriate people.
  • Travel & Information about camp is located in the Camper Handbook. (link coming in the Spring). We pick up campers at Charlotte, NC Airport (CLT) on the Friday before camp (6/21/19) at specific times and return to CLT Airport on (7/13/2019) by 6 P.M. If you need to reserve a space for transport, see handbook for instructions.

  • Waitlist- If a performance area is full, complete an application to be placed on the waitlist. Then follow thru with the 2 other required forms. Once a cancellation in a particular performance area occurs we will contact the first application for that area on the waitlist. 

File attachmentTypeSize
2019 Cannon Application and Health Form Fillable.pdfPDF192.48 KB
2019 Music Instructor Referral Form Fillable.pdfPDF215.46 KB
2019 School Recommendation Form Fillable.pdfPDF234.03 KB

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