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Q. Why should I choose Cannon Music Camp?
A. When you attend our summer camp you will grow musically. You will meet other campers and faculty who will push you to discover yourself and your talents. While on campus you will experience the Hayes School of Music faculty and staff and the campus of Appalachian State University.

This is a great time to learn about your direction for college. You can talk to our faculty and staff and explore what you want in a college/university. Stop by our Dean's office and get assistance with the process of applying or visit our website for "Prospective Students". We also offer a program called  "Student for a Day" , this is for high school juniors and seniors who will visit our school and get immersed in our classes and programs.

The time at camp will consist of practicing, studying, fun and meeting 200 other campers who share your love of music. It is a time to find out what direction you will take with your music. 

The most important thing to do for yourself is to PRACTICE, STUDY and PREPARE for your Ensemble Placement Audition and get ready for your three weeks of great musical advancement.

You will come away with the skills to help you advance in your schools music program, state competition or prepare you for your college music program.

Another great tidbit, our counselors are not just the typical camp counselor, they are music educators and music students. They teach at local schools and colleges in North Carolina, they are graduate students and music majors at Appalachian State University. They assist the faculty based on their performance area. Each faculty member is assigned a counselor to assist with the daily practicing, ensembles and Finale Performances. They will be your dorm counselor, your music counselor and your mentor. Cannon Music is unique that most of the counselors attended Cannon Music Camp as a camper, just like yourself. 

Q. We are looking at several summer opportunities for our child. What sets Cannon Music Camp apart from the others?
A. Cannon Music Camp offers a comprehensive musical experience to the camper. They will experience large ensemble rehearsals and performances, chamber and small ensemble opportunities, one level of a four-level theory curriculum, master classes, and private instruction. The three week period gives each camper the opportunity to experience substantial learning and growth through diverse musical instruction and participation. There is time to achieve both short and long-range goals without the interruption of the process after five days. The clientele of Cannon Music Camp is more focused and accomplished than the clientele of the stereotypical "one-week" experience. The credentials of the teaching faculty and counseling staff are nationally recognized and acclaimed. In 2018 Cannon Music Camp clebrated its 50th year as the "Southeast's only comprehensive summer musical experience!"

Q. What are your application requirements?
A. Cannon Music Camp seeks to accept those students who have a strong sense of character and citizenship, along with superlative scholastic and musical achievements. The camp does not wish to admit the student who is unable to act responsibly, follow directions, or accept constructive criticism. You wiil forward the "School Recommendation Form" to their school administration to request a evaluation of the student's disciplinary record and attendance, along wth their judgement as to the capability to interact with 200+ other students. We also request a referral from their music instructor as to their ability to perform repertoire at Grade Level IV or higher (proficient level). After this process, you will be notified of acceptance by e-mail to the parent/guardian & student.

Q. If my child is applying to another summer event, and we won't know if they are accepted until after the Cannon scholarship offer expires, what should we do?
A. You should apply to secure your space and scholarship offer. If you must withdraw your application and it is getting close to the cancellation deadline of April 15th to receive your application deposit of $100 refunded, e-mail us and we can review what we can do to honor the refund. 

 Q. What exactly does the tuition pay for? 

A. In simplest terms, the basic camp tuition covers:
  • Housing for 21 nights - 2 campers per room for a total of 4 campers per suite with 1 shared bathroom. They are supervised by professional counselors and placed in groups with one counselor to a group.
  • Daily exposure to a minimum of three professional music educators
  • One weekly private lesson (for a total of 3)
  • One weekly master class (for a total of 3)
  • Infirmary privileges
  • Camp t-shirt
  • Camp Picnic and Awards Banquet Dinner
  • Optional; you may perform or just watch our own Camper Talent Show
  • Exposure to the Hayes School of Music professors, faculty and staff, at the campus of Appalachian State University.
  • 3 weeks with 200+ other students who love music!

Q. What exactly will my child be doing during the regular day?
A. Each weekday starts off with classes beginning at 9 A.M. and ending between 4-5 P.M. Lunch is from 12 to 1 P.M. Each camper follows a daily schedule determined, in part, by the results of their placement audition and theory examination. Each camper can expect to participate in at least one major ensemble, attend a daily theory class, and participate in any number of elective secomdary ensembles (jazz, vocal, instrumental). Additionally, their private lesson will be scheduled into their weekly routine. Special interest classes (Piano Class, Alexander Technique, Jazz Improvisation) are available and do have class size limitations. To view typical camper schedules, click here. Saturday and Sundays will be filled with picnics, talent show, practicing their instrument/voice, and relaxing on the campus of Appalachian State University. The theory exam is on the Saturday of arrival & placement auditions are on the first Sunday.

Q. Describe the ensemble placement audition.
A. Each camper plays and/or sings an audition on the second afternoon of the camp (Sunday). From this audition, placement in the major ensembles is established. Studio assignments with faculty are also made from the results of these auditions. The auditions are designed to be as informal as possible while still performing their evaluative function. Campers are asked to demonstrate, to the best of their ability, standard application of scales (instrumental); to be prepared to play or sing a solo or appropriate etude on their instrument or voice; and in some cases, sight read. We recognize that some students may not audition as well as they perform. However, the faculty is extremely qualified in the ability to ascertain strengths and weaknesses, even with anxiety present in the audition. We know that many of our campers come from backgrounds where they may be the "first chair" or "principal" player. Unfortunately, as a result of a process such as this, not everyone can be that "first chair" player here. For more information on the specific audition requirements for each instrument, voice, or ensemble, click here.

Q. How free are the campers to move in and about the App State campus?
A. We do operate a "check-out" system that monitors the campers activity away from the music building, residence hall, and cafeteria. Campers may walk to and from the business areas and, on weekends, utilize the "Appalcart" (Boone’s answer to mass transit). CMC does stress the "buddy system" and strict adherence to all checkout policies, schedules, and curfews.

Q. What provisions are made for parents, realtives, and friends to visit a camper?
A. All parents, relatives, and friends are wholeheartedly invited to visit camp and App State. We ask that all campers continue to follow their schedule in its entirety during these visits. Camper visits off campus and overnight are permissible. The camp simply asks for a "release of liability," in written form, from parent and/or guardian to be placed on file prior to the checkout of the camper. Cannon Music Camp discourages the visits of girlfriends or boyfriends if private vehicles are involved. With each circumstance being different, the administration of Cannon Music Camp would need to be consulted on a case-by-case basis.

Q. What are the evening activities?
A.Evening activities can range from movie nights, extra-musical activities (sectionals, combos, etc.), concerts and recitals, counselor-initiated activities (ultimate frisbee, volleyball, etc.).  There is always something to do, and there's always a practice room available to help make them better musicians too!

Q. Are concerts open to the public?
A. Yes, all Cannon Music Camp concerts are free and open to the public. A concert schedule will be developed and publicized for campers, parents, and the Northwest North Carolina region. For a calendar of camp concerts, click here.

Q. Your camp enrollment ranges in age from 13-18. What policies/procedures are established to encourage, monitor, and discipline the students during the three weeks at camp?
A. Cannon Music Camp has established an extensive screening process that precedes confirmation of registration and enrollment. A camper's credentials and character are thoroughly examined by reference and contact with appropriate school administration. Additionally, a handbook is published and documents all policies and procedures required by Cannon Music Camp, the School of Music, Appalachian State University, and the State of North Carolina. Compliance to the regulations is strictly and diligently monitored. Consequences of unacceptable behavior and infraction of guidelines is documented and acknowledged both by the parent or guardian and camper prior to final confirmation of registration. The Camper Handbook will arrive approximately one month prior to the start of camp and will also include information about camp life, packing suggestions, and other little details that will make camp go smoothly for everyone. For the online version of the Handbook, click here

Q. Can a camper study and perform on a secondary instrument or voice?
A. Yes. We offer secondary lessons on a "space-available" basis. After we have taken care of everyone's primary lesson needs, we are able to offer secondary lessons as our faculty have time in their schedules to give them. There is an additional fee for secondary lessons.

Q. Is there more specific information available about what is offered and expected of each individual instrument and for voices?
A. Yes, please click here for a directory of this information.

Q. Can you breakdown the costs again?   

A. Look at it this way:

  • $1645  divided by 22 days = approximately $74.77 per day
    $74.77 daily insures the contact with a minimum of three professional music educators; insures the daily schedule to include a minimum of one major ensemble, one theory class, one weekly private lesson, one weekly master class, Picnic and event at Blue Ridge Parkway; Awards and Banquet Ceremony; a camp t-shirt, and elective classes at the discretion of the student; space in an ASU residence hall; contact and interaction with a nationally acclaimed faculty; supervision by an experienced and professional counseling staff; and housing facilities and services at one of the Southeast's most beautiful and scenic campuses - Appalachian State University.
  • 3-tier meal plan as offered by Food Services ($270 - $295 - $315)
    Each camper will have one of the above amounts placed in to their account. At the start of camp deductions for a ID card fee,  will be made. After that, each meal purchase decreases the balance. Campers are encouraged to only supplement their balance in increments of $20. You can add to the account by calling food services and giving them a credit card. There are no refunds of unspent monies at the termination of the camp session.

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