Tuition, Meal Plans & Optional Fees

Tuition/Housing Costs: 2021 Tuition & Housing Fees are $TBD. 

  • The Camp Tuition and Housing fee represents 3 weeks of ensemble and music instruction and performances, on-campus housing, three 1-hour private lessons in your primary performance area, theory class, enrichment activities, electives, camp t-shirt, camp outing, and use of ASU Health Services.
  • Meal Plan- In addition to the Tuition and Housing Fee, "ASU Food Services" requires you to purchase one of the 3 offered meal plan options: Plan A $290, Plan B $310, and Plan C $330. The selected amount will be added to the Camp Tuition. To learn more details about the meal plan options, please see link on the left of this page or click here.

Optional Fees: There are several optional camp activities and opportunities, both academic and recreational, that is not be included in the Camp Tuition. Campers are not required to participate in any of these activities, but many campers in the past have found them to be enlightening and entertaining. For a list of these optional fees, please see the link of the left of this page or click here.

Q. Can you breakdown the costs again?   

A. Look at it this way:

  • $TBD divided by 22 days = approximately $TBD per day
    TBD daily ensures contact with a minimum of three professional music educators; insures the daily schedule to include a minimum of one major ensemble, one theory class, one weekly private lesson, one weekly master class and elective classes at the discretion of the student, a camp T-shirt; rooming-in an ASU Residence Hall; contact and interaction with a nationally acclaimed faculty; supervision by an experienced and professional counseling staff; facilities and services at one of the Southeast's most beautiful and scenic campuses - Appalachian State University.
  • 3-tier meal plan as offered by Food Services ($290 - $310 - $330)
    Each camper will have one of the above meal plans amounts placed into their account. At the start of camp, an ID card fee ($7.00) will be deducted from that amount along with banquet and picnic costs (approx $40.00), from then on at each meal purchase your balance decreases by your purchase. Campers are encouraged to only supplement their balance in increments of $20. You can add to the account by calling food services and giving them a credit card. There is no refund of unspent monies at the termination of the camp session.

Payment Process:

Tuition/Meal Payments will begin at the application process.

You do not have to wait for acceptance to start your payment process, see our cancellation policy.

Here are your 2 options:

  1. You can choose to make installments once your application & deposit is submitted, of any amounts, with all accounts paid in full by June 15th.
  2. OR After submitting your application & deposit, payment of any amount is due before or by May 1st, at any time you can make installments if you wish, with all accounts paid in full by June 15th. 

We know these schedules may not work for everyone, so please, if other dates or arrangements are needed, contact Greg in the camp office, we are more than willing to work with families.

We accept checks, money orders (payable to Cannon Music Camp) or credit/debit cards. If paying by credit/debit card we take Visa or MC- you will need to call our office to process your payment. We do not store your credit/debit card information, so you have to call each time you want to pay by credit/debit card. Office contact information and mailing address are on the left side of this page.

Withdraw Process:

If you need to withdraw your application, April 15th is the cancellation notification deadline to receive your $100 application deposit refunded AND any other monies paid. After April 15th, you will receive any monies paid LESS the $100.00 application deposit. The only way to cancel is by e-mail or letter. 

Scholarship Process:

Through the generosity of the Mariam and Robert Hayes Charitable Trust, Cannon Music Camp is able to offer tuition scholarships.

  • If you are a returning camper, you will be offered a tuition scholarship based on your position in your performance area from last summer. The offers will be sent out in October.
  • The average range of a tuition scholarship offer from Cannon Music Camp is $125-$425.
  • For new prospective campers, please visit our scholarships tab for the process, requests can be made starting December 2nd, and not before.
  • If you perform in the All-State Band/Orchestra Competitions in January, based on your placement, you may be offered a scholarship. We collect lists from North Carolina and limited from Florida. We will not receive these lists until February, so please apply early to secure your space. If you receive more than one offer from us, you have the option of choosing the highest amount.
  • The scholarship request deadline is March 31st. Our funding closes March 31st or when funds are depleted, whichever occurs first. You should have submitted scholarship requests by March 31st or accepted our offer by the date located on your letter or e-mail.
  • Scholarship awards or requests do NOT secure you a space at Camp, you need to apply first to secure a space at camp, then proceed with attaining a scholarship.
  • Please contact your local school band club, music instructors, local arts programs or your church for more assistance of how to obtain scholarship assistance from your community.
  • North Carolina Audition sites are located at this link.

This camp is a great experience for prospective ASU students to study with our faculty, live at residence halls and experience our campus.


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