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Cannon Music Camp has a unique arrangement with food services, since we are here for 3 weeks, we are offered a la-carte option for our food or we can choose from an all-you-can-eat buffet.

We are offering campers to use the kitchens located on each floor of the dorm. The kitchens are open to all who live on the floor and equipped with a standard refrigerator and microwave. Please bring tape and markers to indicate your Name on your food. You need to bring all your utensils and such for use. The kitchens are barren except for the appliances we listed. 


The meal plan is required by ASU. Recognizing that each student does not choose or require the same amount of food, the camper (and parent/guardian) will select one of the following: Plan A $270.00 , Plan B $295.00 , or Plan C $315.00. This meal plan amount will be added to the Camp Tuition Fee and is payable with your tuition fees prior to arrival at Camp. The meal plan is required by Appalachian State University Food Services.

The meal plan is a decreasing balance account. As campers make food purchases, the balance decreases. A meal card processing fee of $ 7.00 is charged against the account, along with a Sunday picnic and end of camp banquet ($23.00) and thus creating a smaller initial balance. For example, Plan A ($270.00) account would have $240.00 available for meal purchases at the start of camp.

The 3 levels just make it easier for the parent/guardian.Some choose PLAN C so they do not have to add more money to the card. Some campers are not sure how much they will eat, so PLAN A is best for them. It is just a choice. Note* Some campers bring a refillable debit card, see below for information on how that can work for you,

Additional, if you are not sure which plan to choose, you can add funds by calling the AppCard office and making a deposit to the MEAL CARD with a credit/debit card payment. The Camper can see their balance each time the CARD is swiped in the Food Court. The APPCARD OFFICE is open Monday to Friday only from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.  APPCARD OFFICE TELEPHONE NUMBER: 828-262-6141. It is HIGHLY recommended that you be conservative with your deposits, increments of $20.00 since No refunds will be returned from ASU Food Services. Some campers bring a refillable debit card, see below for information on how that can work for you,


The Campers eat in the Roess Dining Hall, specifically, Sanford Commons.  Sanford Commons offers an a la-cart selection of food including cafeteria-style entrees, fast food, pizza, "Chick-Fil-A," a salad bar, and a sub shop. All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are served, seven days a week. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A LA-CART PRICES AND COMPARISON.

For the vegan and vegetarian, Sanford Commons offers a salad bar daily with a good selection of fresh vegetables and fruit. Greek and Caesar salads are available daily along with boca, garden, and black bean burgers. The hot line has a choice of vegetables and vegetarian entrees including pizzas and veggie calzones. The taco bar offers corn chips, fried tortilla bowls with vegetarian re-fried beans and many other choices. There are gluten free choices available, campers can ask any food service staff for a ingredient list.

Alternately, campers may choose to eat in the Rivers Street Cafe located in the same building as the Sanford Commons. Please NOTE: During the summer the meals are offered in a all-you-can-eat format, at a fixed price (ex. breakfast - $7.95, lunch - $8.70, dinner - $9.15 ).


In addition to the Roess Dining Hall, some campers may grab a ice cream or eat a meal at local restaurants in downtown Boone, which is one block from the School of Music. At these locations they would have to pay for this on their own by using a debit card or cash. Webcam link to downtown Boone . Also on King Street there is a organic grocery market & deli called EarthFare. Please note: Campers have to check out and in and give a destination, they are on the buddy system, see Camper Handbook for rules. On Saturdays some campers take the free local bus to Walmart to stock up on snacks and such.

MEAL PLAN CARDS are ONLY used at the Food Court.  DEBIT CARDS that you purchase on your own, are a good alternative for the parent/guardian to send with the camper. This can enable them to purchase food at the Roess Dining Hall (if their meal plan card is depleted), items in the bookstore, markets, or downtown Boone at area shops and restaurants. This is also convenient for the parent/guardian to refill money with the card carrier vs. refilling their ASU Meal Plan Card. ASU always accepts cash, debit and credit cards at all their food courts and stores.

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