2017 Summer Camp Calendar

  2018 Summer Camp Calendar Available in Spring 2018

All Concerts are free and open to the public - Location - Rosen Concert Hall

Click on the link for the concert program. 
Click Here for the live streaming. (Recommend Safari Browser for Apple Computers, and Edge or IE for PC).
Click Here for a printable schedule.

All concerts last about 1 hour+ , and all can be live streamed from your computer device.

Registration: Saturday, June 24 from 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. at the Broyhill Music Center, Room 119
All unloading at the dorms, unpacking and the issuance of ID card should be completed by 3:00 P.M.

Lunch for Campers: Campers can eat at our Food Court. The food court will accept your ASU ID Card, cash, Visa/MC or debit cards. Parent/Guardians are allowed to eat at any of our ASU facilites. You can go off campus with your parents/family for lunch, just make sure all your registration items are complete and your parent/guardian are back for their 2:00 P.M. meeting and you for your camper meeting at 4:00 P.M.
Parent Meeting: 2:00 P.M. in Rosen Concert Hall (located in the Broyhill Music Center) - bring "Parent Handbook"
Camper Meeting: 4:00 P.M. in Rosen Concert Hall - bring "Camper Handbook" to this meeting

Dinner for Campers: Campers can go to the Food Court or off campus with family. Just make sure you are back for your Theory Exam at 6 P.M. ( food court closes at 7 P.M. )

Theory Placement Test: 6 P.M. - counselors will tell you location. (Theory Guide-PDF) 

Sunday, June 25 - Placement Auditions: 12:30 P.M. through out the Broyhill Music Center.

Monday, June 26 - General Meeting at 8 A.M., Visit with faculty for Lesson schedules, Daily Schedule begins at 9 A.M.

Drop/Add classes begin Monday and end by Wednesday

Tuesday, June 27 -  Visit faculty for secondary lessons , must have signed slip from instructor, see Greg in Camp office for payment

Wednesday, June 28 - Separk Music from Lewisville, NC - will visit the first week and will have supplies for purchase. 

Tuesday, July 4 - Is a normal class schedule day.  Town of Boone will have parade for those to enjoy.

Monday, July 3 - Begins our Spirit Week, see what to wear or dress up as each day this week. ( Flyer at "Handbook & Forms" )

2017 CAMP CALENDAR  subject to change.

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50th Anniversary Reunion

2017 Final Concert Program

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