Enrichment Course Descriptions

Campers who have chosen Option A "Enrichment Classes" and Option C "Enrichment Classes and Private Lessons/Masterclasses" will be sent a link where they may select as many classes as they would like to attend. Classes are taught by either university professors or visiting camp faculty members. Instructors are subject to change. 

Alexander Technique
Instructors: Dr. Rob Falvo, Mr. Luke Shaver
An internationally respected method designed to increase performance ability through the discovery of ways to relieve patterns of excess tension and performance anxiety.

AP Music Theory Prep
Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Snodgrass
A preparatory course for students who have a high level of music theory understanding and who also plan to take the Advanced Placement Music Theory course at their school or online during the following school year.  Tips and hints for the course and exam will be offered.  

Band Literature
Instructor: Dr. Jason Gardner
This class will explore new trends in band literature as well as trace the development of the wind band and its repertoire.

Careers in Music
Instructor: Dean James Douthit
For many, music maybe a career and for others a hobby.  For those considering a career in music, this seminar will take a look into potential careers one may obtain with a music degree and the various degrees offered in music.

Choral Literature
Instructor: Dr. Steve Hopkins
A brief survey of choral music through the ages. Participants will view, hear, and explore the connection this music has to the time it was written and how it still resonates with today's performers and listeners.

College Audition Preparation
Instructor: Dean James Douthit
A special seminar designed for campers to gain more information on how to prepare for the college music audition process and things to consider as you approach your senior year. 

College Application/Financial Aid Process
Instructor: Dean James Douthit
Navigating the college application and financial aid process can be a daunting task!  Dr. James Douthit, Dean of the Hayes School of Music, will partner with the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid Office from Appalachian to help inform and guide you in this journey.  

Instructors: Dr. Andy Hannon; Dr. Nick Cline
An exploration of foundational concepts of music composition and exposure to skills needed to cultivate your creative talents in putting your musical thoughts into musical notation.

Instructor: Dr. John Ross
Topics will include conducting technique, patterns, styles, dynamics, phrasing, singing, audiation, and collaborative approaches to making music with ensembles.  Selected recorded performances and rehearsals led by the world's most revered conductors will be observed and discussed.  Guest conductors may also be a part of the class sessions.

Guest/Faculty Performances or Demonstrations
Instructors: Various Faculty and Guest Artists
Short performances by camp faculty or guest artists for your listening pleasure at the five o’clock hour on select days.   Many days will feature only one or two selections.

Guitar Basics
Instructor: RJ Wuagneux
An introduction to the guitar covering basic performing techniques, chords, and accompanying songs.  

Jazz Improvisation
Instructor: Todd Wright
Learn jazz performance tips and tricks through the study of jazz chord symbols, chord progressions, and their function for performing self-created melodies in jazz improvisation.

Jazz Literature
Instructor: Todd Wright
A brief survey of literature for the jazz medium. Participants will view, hear, and explore the connection jazz has to music today, how it was written, and how it resonates with today's performers and listeners.

Music Notation Software
Instructor: Mr. David Marvel
A discussion and understanding of contemporary technology used to compose, arrange, perform, record, and digitally distribute music.

Music Theory I
Instructors: Various Faculty
Beginning/entry level study with a focus on music notation (Focus on treble and bass clef, introduce movable C clefs), Construction and Identification of Major Scales, Major Key Signatures, Rhythm Skills (meter signatures, counting, rest values), Aural-Skills (scale degrees, intervals, melodic and harmonic dictation–when applicable) and Sight-Singing.

Music Theory II
Instructors: Various Faculty
Reinforces Theory I, ADDS: Construction and Identification of Minor Scales, Minor Key Signatures, Construction and Identification of Intervals (Perfect, Major, minor, Augmented, diminished), Rhythm Skills (meter signatures, counting, rest values), Aural-Skills (scale degrees, intervals, melodic and harmonic dictation–when applicable) and Sight-Singing.

Music Theory III
Instructors: Various Faculty
Reinforces Theory I and II, ADDS:  Triads/Chords, (Root Position, First Inversion, Second Inversion), Seventh Chords (Root Position and all inversions), Rhythm Skills (meter signatures, counting, rest values), Aural-Skills (scale degrees, intervals, melodic and harmonic dictation–when applicable) and Sight-Singing.

Music Theory IV
Instructors: Various Faculty
Reinforces Theory I, II and III, ADDS:  Part-Writing (basics of voice ranges, part-writing rules, Primary Harmony, Secondary Harmony and Inversion of Chords), Secondary Harmony (Secondary Dominants, Secondary Diminished Seventh Chords, Augmented Sixth Chords, Borrowed Chords), Modulation, Aural-Skills (scale degrees, intervals, melodic and harmonic dictation) and Sight-Singing.

Orchestral Literature
Instructor: Matt Troy
In the Orchestral Literature class we will take a fun and in-depth look at music written for the orchestra across the centuries. We will cover all of the important stylistic periods and many significant works that are still relevant today. This will be a great opportunity to learn the history, performance practices, and exciting stories about composers and their music.

Piano Literature
Instructor: Dr. Bair Shagdaron
The Piano Literature class is designed for students to learn about the history and development of keyboard instruments, and piano repertoire from Baroque to the present day. Piano students will be introduced to a survey of musical forms, genres, stylistic features (with emphasis on the evolution of the Sonata Allegro form), and students will learn about various schools of piano playing that have developed across the world. An essential part of this class will be listening to performances of great pianists of the past and present.  

Instructors: Dr. Jennifer Snodgrass;  Dr. Nick Cline
An overview of successful songwriting including topics in chord and chart development, song form, lyrics and hooks, and collaborative songwriting techniques.

Student Leadership/Drum Major Seminar
Instructor: Dr. Jason Gardner
This course will discuss tenets of servant leadership within the marching band program.  Skills needed for aspiring drum majors will be explored including score study, conducting, and communication among other topics.  

Survey of Music Theatre
Instructor: Dr. Meg Stohlmann
Survey of Musical Theatre will provide a brief history of musical theater in the United States, discussion of the different styles of music and productions, a brief intro to singing musical theatre and fun, in depth discussions and viewings of different musical theatre productions. Guest speakers from the field will be available for Q and A discussions as well. 

Voice Class
Instructor: Dr. Gennard Lombardozzi
The voice class is an introduction to the physiology of the vocal mechanism, learning to identify the differences in vocal production between pop, rock, musical theatre, early music and modern opera, and applying vocal technique to the dramatic details of a character.


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