Camper Handbook & Packet Forms and Flyers

Each Camper will receive a digital copy of the Camper Handbook, flyers and the forms below in mid-May. 

2019 Camper Handbook

2019 Parent Handbook 

The handbooks are designed to help campers and parents understand the camp experience, from the final preparations before leaving home to the last day at camp with us. We have also attached the required forms and flyers.

To get a good idea of what life is like at Cannon Music Camp, read the entire handbook. To make it a little easier to find what you need to know, we have divided it into six sections, see the tabs on the left of this page: 

Before You get to Camp

Getting To Camp

Getting Started at Camp

Getting the Most Out of Camp

Getting Home from Camp

Rules and Camper Code of Conduct Form

Music and Arts Repair Shop

Please read these final instructions and all the rest of the information you have been sent very carefully. We look forward to seeing you on Registration Day!  If you have any questions, please contact Greg Snodgrass at our Music Camp office.

Local Web Cam downtown King Street, which is one block from our campus -

 **For Online hotel booking sites, set parameters to Neighborhood - Boone , under 5 miles, Landmark - Appalachian State University**

Visit our local sites:  or or

Forms and Flyers 

Code of Conduct Form - required at Registration. Camper and Parent/Guardian must fill out.

Parent Identification/Release of Liabilty Record - required at Registration. Please fill out, sign and date. If you need to add individuals after camp begins, you can email these requests, as long as we have this form completed at Registration.

File attachmentTypeSize
2019 Code of Conduct Form REQUIRED for Registration.pdfPDF30.98 KB
2019 Parent Identification Release of Liability .pdfPDF36.83 KB
2019 What to bring.pdfPDF53.42 KB
2019 Getting To Camp by Car.pdfPDF35.65 KB
2019 Alexander Technique.pdfPDF57.44 KB
2019 Secondary Lessons.pdfPDF56.13 KB
2019 Piano Class.pdfPDF58.76 KB
2019 Guitar Lessons.pdfPDF57.44 KB
2019 Camper Beginning Schedule.pdfPDF79.03 KB
2019 Class Schedule.pdfPDF50.59 KB
2019 Concert Schedule.pdfPDF660.46 KB
2019 Ensemble & Theory Placement Infomation.pdfPDF50.78 KB
2019 Sending Mail and How to Sign Out.pdfPDF174.1 KB
RemindCMC2019.pdfPDF69.51 KB
2019 Spirit Week.pdfPDF420.9 KB
2019 Music and Arts Repair Shop.pdfPDF454.47 KB
2019 Cannon Media Order Form.pdfPDF127.04 KB
2019 Music DVD Photo Info.pdfPDF33.8 KB

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