Application Process

Application Process

Step 1

Complete the online application (you will need to create an account) and pay a minimum $100 deposit. This will secure your seat in your particular instrument section. Each instrument area has a limited number of seats (Performance Quotas). Once the limit is reached, applications are wait-listed. Performance Quota status can be viewed on the left side of this page.  We accept applications up to three (3) days before camp if there is space in their performance area and camp housing.  Our most popular areas that fill quickly are Trumpet, Flute, Saxophone, and Clarinet.

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Step 2 

Once you have submitted your application, you must complete, sign, and email the following university required forms:

  1. 2022 Medical Form and Indemnity Agreement and Code of Conduct Form (an account must be created) (Once completed the form is automatically sent to us).
  2. Appalachian State University Photo/Video/Sound Release Form - English (Currently this form must be emailed or mailed to us). 
  3. Appalachian State University Photo/Video/Sound Release Form - Spanish (Currently this form must be emailed or mailed to us). 


Step 3

In order to complete the application process and finalize acceptance, our 2022 policy requires a School Recommendation form, as well as a Music Recommendation form from every camper (new and returners). These documents are critical to verify each student’s character, citizenship, scholarship, and to gain an insight into their current musical focus. The recommendation process has been streamlined so both forms are completed online. Once these forms are completed, they are automatically sent to us. You will also receive a copy of the email verifying the recommendation is complete.

  1. Forward the School Administrator/CounselorRecommendation Form link  ( to your School Counselor or Assistant Principal to complete. Once they submit the form it is immediately shared with Cannon Music Camp.  
    NOTE:  Your administrator/counselor needs to know your first and last name, your instrument/voice, and your email address to complete this form!

  2. Forward the Music Teacher Recommendation Form link ( to your School or Private Music Teacher. Once they submit the form it is immediately shared with Cannon Music Camp. 
    NOTE:  Your music teacher needs to know your first and last name, your instrument/voice, and your email address to complete this form!


Acceptance Process:

Once we receive the application, deposit, the university required forms,  the school recommendation form, and the music instructor recommendation form, you and your parent/guardian will be notified via email of acceptance. Your seat is secured with the application and paid deposit.


Payment Process:

Tuition Fees:

  • Tuition Fees are $2550.

  • Tuition includes contact with a minimum of three professional music educators; insures the daily schedule to include a minimum of one major ensemble; theory classes; weekly lessons; weekly masterclasses and elective classes at the discretion of the student; a camp T-shirt; rooming-in an App State residence hall; three, daily, all-you-can-eat meals; contact and interaction with a nationally acclaimed faculty; supervision by an experienced and professional camp counseling/supervisory staff; facilities and services at one of the Southeast's most beautiful and scenic campuses - Appalachian State University

Payments will begin at the application process. You do not have to wait for acceptance to start your payment process.

Here are your 2 options:

  • You can choose to make installments once your application and deposit is submitted, of any amounts, with all accounts paid in full by June 15th.
  • OR After submitting your application & deposit, payment of any amount is due before or by May 1st, at any time you can make installments if you wish, with all accounts paid in full by June 15th.

We know these schedules may not work for everyone, so please, if other dates or arrangements are needed, contact the camp administrator in the camp office, we are more than willing to work with families.

We accept checks, money orders (payable to Appalachian State University) or credit/debit cards. If paying by credit/debit card we take Visa or MC. Payments are made through the Office of Conference and Event Servies by logging into your online camp registration account here: For more information on the payment process contact Carrie Henderson in Conference and Event Services at 828.262.2930 or  

For payments by check, mail checks to:
Cannon Music Camp
c/o Conference and Event Services
ASU Box 32042
Boone, NC 28608-2042

Checks or money orders should be payable to Appalachian State University.  Please sensure each check has paperwork with it indicating who the payment is for and that it is for Cannon Music Camp tuition.


Cancellation/Withdrawal  Process

If you need to cancel/withdraw your application, April 15th is the cancellation notification deadline to receive your $100 application deposit refund AND any other monies paid. After April 15th, you will receive any monies paid LESS the $100.00 application deposit. Cancellations are only accepted by email or letter. 


  • Some PDF FORMS are ADOBE Fillable forms. First open form with a different viewer (if prompted) as ADOBE READER, then save the form to your desktop by naming it, THEN FILL OUT, save, print and sign the form to complete.

  • Performance areas fill quickly, please secure your space by submitting your application and deposit.  Then forward your School Recommendation and Music Recommendation links to the appropriate people.

  • Travel & Information about camp is located in the Camper Handbook. (A link will be posted in the spring). For a fee, we offer transportation for campers to and from the Charlotte/Douglass International Airport (CLT) on Friday before camp (6/24/2022) at specific times and return to CLT Airport on (7/16/2022) by 6 P.M. If you need to reserve a space for transport, see the camper handbook for instructions.

  • What if my instrument/voice area is listed as closed?  Could I still come to camp? If a performance area is full, complete an application to be placed on the waitlist. Then follow through with the other required enrollment forms. Once a cancellation in your selected performance area occurs, we will contact the first applicant for that area on the waitlist. If there are no cancellations in your area your deposit will be refunded.