Scholarship Information

Auditioning for a Scholarship

An audition is not required in order to attend Cannon Music Camp, only to apply for a scholarship.

We have a limited amount of scholarship money to distribute to individuals who want to participate in the process. Scholarships are awarded and reviewed until March 31st or when funds are depleted, whichever occurs first.  An average range for a scholarship is $150-$550.

Sending in a performance, attending an audition site, or receiving a scholarship offer DOES NOT SECURE a place for you at camp. You will need to APPLY through the application process to secure a space in your performance area for camp.

  • There are two ways to complete a scholarship audition:
    • Send in a video recording through our submission form at See this page and the linked form for detailed steps.
    • Attend an All-State audition site & perform for our school representative (see details below).

If you receive multiple scholarship offers from Cannon Music Camp, we only use ONE OFFER, so please request to use the highest amount.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine Cannon Music Camp scholarship offers to make a larger scholarship.

Audition Repertoire

  • For instrumentalists, pieces that are used for All-District, All-Region, or All-State auditions or Solo and Ensemble festivals are fine to play for your scholarship audition. The piece should not be too long. You can record it as a video or audio by using your phone recording device or other devices.
  • For vocalists, solo pieces usually work better than singing a part from a choral piece. Pieces that would be appropriate for Solo and Ensemble festivals are acceptable. Any classical solo would be appropriate, but pop or Broadway pieces are not appropriate.
  • Looking for other audition piece recommendations? Visit the Ensemble Auditions page for Cannon Music Camp and scroll to the bottom to find recommendations for each instrument family and voice.

Students auditioning in person should be prepared to perform any of the required major scales and chromatic scales for their grade level. Faculty hearing your audition will be listening to your tone, intonation, technique, and musicality.

Audition Sites 

If you are performing in North Carolina All-State Competitions from the following districts, NW & SW All-District Band, Eastern & Western Regional Orchestra, we should receive your placement and depend on that placement, we may offer you a scholarship. This may take to mid-February to award. The awards will be mailed to your school music director. It is best to apply first and then await your scholarship offer since performance spaces fill up. See cancellation information on the Application Process tab.

To speed up the process and to ensure a scholarship offer, we offer you a chance to perform for our School Representative at one of the All-State Audition Sites for high school students. Current 8th graders are welcome to visit the high school site to audition.

Please bring your instrument, the name of your piece, your contact information, or parent/guardian contact information. You do not have to be selected for or perform at the All-State Competitions to audition for our Camp Representative; all are welcome to audition.

  • Most kinds of band and orchestra instruments can audition for Cannon Music Camp scholarships on the same day and location at the auditions of the All-District Band or Regional Orchestra if a Cannon Music Camp representative is visiting. (Though it may be in the same building, this is a separate audition from the All-District/Regional audition. There is no charge to play an audition for a Cannon Music Camp scholarship.)
  • Keyboard and Percussion: While snare drum auditions can be heard at any site, timpani and keyboard percussion may not be available at every site. Not every site will have a piano or keyboard available. Before attending, please check with to see if your desired location has a keyboard or appropriate percussion available for your use in the audition room. You may send a video at instead.
  • Vocalists, Guitarists, and Harpists: we encourage these musicians to submit audition videos at rather than attending a live site so that our voice, guitar, or harp faculty can make a scholarship recommendation.

If you did not place this year or are unsure if we receive your placement from your performance in All-State Competitions,  you can get your music director to let us know! We calculate offers based on your chair placement, instrument, and grade.

If you receive multiple scholarship offers from Cannon Music, we only use ONE OFFER, so please request to use the higher amount. All scholarship offers close March 31st or when funds are depleted, whichever occurs first.

Q. If my child is applying to another summer event, and we won't know if they are accepted until after the Cannon scholarship offer expires, what should we do?
A. You should apply to secure your space and scholarship offer. If you must withdraw your application and it is getting close to the cancellation deadline of April 15th to receive your application deposit of $100 refunded, e-mail us and we can review what we can do to honor the refund.