Summer 2021 Masterclasses

These asynchronous masterclass offerings are designed to enrich musical knowledge and prepare students for future auditions. Each masterclass will have unlimited access. Featured for the instrumentalists will be demonstrations and recordings of the new 9-10 and 11-12 North Carolina All-State Band Solos!

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Masterclasses in each area will be posted as they are completed and ready through early July. Follow the links to view the masterclass in your area.


Alexander Technique - Special Presentation

Title: How to Become Present

In this 25-minute guided practice, you will learn how to bring your mind back into your body and connect with yourself in the here and now, (the present) using Alexander Technique principles. You can use this anytime during your day, as a practice break, morning meditation, before a performance, or to help you regulate when agitated. It is presented in a seated position, it can also be done standing or even while on a walk when you've practiced it a few times sitting or standing.





Chorus (Honors)


Clarinet/Bass Clarinet










Grades 9-10 Lessons and Solo Performances

Grades 11-12 Lessons and Solo Performances