Before You Get to Camp & Registration

Tuition and Fees: The Tuition and any additional fees (secondary lessons, etc.) should be paid in full by the 15th of June. We understand this may not work for all, and that is not a problem. To make other arrangements, please contact our office. We accept check and money orders, along with Visa and MasterCard payments.

Airport Transportation: For those traveling to camp by air, we provide (for a fee) transportation to and from Charlotte International Airport (CLT). Reservations for this service must be made prior and finalized by June 1st. Please see the section Getting To Camp for more information on arrival and departures times and making a reservation.

Health Services: We require an emergency/medical release form, which you should have completed with the required forms. This form must be returned to our office before the beginning of camp; you cannot receive medical attention without it. Campers have use of App State Health Services while here as part of the tuition fee. The infirmary is open 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. Although all reasonable safety precautions are taken to protect you, Cannon Music Camp and Appalachian State University cannot be responsible for camp accidents. You are also covered under a limited accident policy (copy available in the camp office). If illness should occur, contact your counselor, head counselor, or either of the deans, DAY OR NIGHT. You will be taken to the ASU Health services at 828-262-3100 or to Watauga Medical Center's Emergency Room if needed. The Hayes School of Music and Appalachian State University have kept the safety and health of our campers, staff, guests, and faculty at the forefront of our efforts during the pandemic.  We work with the CDC guidelines, State of North Carolina mandates, State System of Higher Education guidelines and any restrictions ordered by Appalachian State University.  The most current information on our policies and practices can be found at  We will continually update and monitor conditions that might require change.  Please let our camp staff know if you have any questions or concerns.  We will offer updates or changes via email or on our camp web page.


Optional Items Due Prior to Registration Day (Coming Mid-May!)

Pre-Register for the items below: Complete the registration form(s) (available Spring 2022). If the faculty schedule cannot accommodate you OR you are unable to take the class due to your schedule, we will refund your payment. Additionally, if you did not pre-register, and your schedule changes and you CAN take the class, you can make the payments online on the 1st Tuesday. Contact our office for details.. Registration materials will be enclosed in your packet; which will be e-mailed mid-May.

Secondary Lessons: You already receive, with your camp fee, three one-hour lessons on your main instrument or voice as part of the camp tuition. If you are interested in taking secondary lessons on another instrument or voice you may do so if your schedule premits. This optional lesson is as follows: $75 for three, half-hour lessons, and $150 for three, one-hour lessons. Lesson availability are subject to instructor's and camper's schedule. 

Piano Class (beginner level and advanced level): This class has several sections but is limited in enrollment. Beginner class is designed for students with no prior piano skill.

Advanced Piano Class: is offered with the following pre-requisites:

Ideally, Advanced piano students will have had at least 2 years of private study prior to camp (although exceptions may be made). Students should demonstrate a familiarity with the following:

  • Ability to locate most notes in the correct octave on the keyboard
  • Reading easily from the Grand Staff (treble & bass clefs bracketed together)
  • Playing chords (2-3 notes together in the same hand) underneath a melody
  • Playing outside the 5-finger position
  • Playing in various keys

This optional class is as follows: $75 for beginner or advanced group lessons. The fee includes materials.

Alexander Technique: Alexander Technique is an internationally recognized method designed to increase performance ability through the discovery of ways, which may relieve performance anxiety. This class is taught by a certified Alexander Technique teacher. Classes are scheduled 1 day a week with a class size of 4 to 8 people, and total spaces available will be 32. This optional class is $75 and includes materials.

Guitar Lessons: No prior knowledge of guitar is required and all levels are welcome! The student must bring their own instrument. This optional lesson is as follows: $75 for three, half-hour lessons, and $150 for three, one-hour lessons. Lesson availability are subject to instructor's and camper's schedule. 


Due at Camp Check-In

Balance due of any tuition fees.

Medical Indemnity/Camper Conduct Code form: Required for Registration- signed by camper and parent/guardian. Form is included in the packet and online.

Appalachian State University Photo/Video/Sound Release Form: Required for Registration- signed by camper and parent/guardian. Form is included in the packet and online

Parent ID Release of Liability Form: Required for Registration- completed by parent/guardian, and is used when a camper has permission to leave with a parent/guardian member. Form is included in the packet and online.

Instrument Locker: For storage of your instrument, music, etc., in the music building. $TBA for the 3 weeks.

Instrument Rental: Tubas, Double Basses, Cellos and others may be rented from the School of Music for only $TBA for the 3 weeks, payable by cash or check only. Advance registration is required; contact our office for reservation or details. (Optional item).


Optional Items at Camp

Student Recreation Center: App State's recreation center, complete with facilities for fitness training (no weight training), aerobic exercise, swimming pool and indoor sports is available to campers aged 16 and older or if younger with supervision for $TBA per visit. Stop by the camp office - M-F to purchase your pass. There are tennis courts, which are open for your use for no cost, (bring your own equipment). There are also fields to play Frisbee, etc. (Optional item)

Here Are Some Items That You May Need Money for During Camp:

Extra Money: We recommend that you bring your extra money in the form of a debit card. With the usual identification requirements, they may be used for purchases at all campus locations and Boone businesses. Alternately, there are several ATMs on campus. Bringing large amounts of cash is not recommended. Cannon Music Camp/Appalachian State University is not responsible for any lost or stolen cash.

Laundry: Washers and Dryers are located in the residence hall. The costs per load are included with tuition. You need to bring your own laundry supplies (detergent, fabric softener, etc.).

Other Expenses: We have obtained special rates for some off-campus activities, and several are free. You are not required to attend activities that cost extra.


Packing Items You Will Need

Linens: Twin XL size (39x80) bed linens or called college bedding (not standard size twin sheets; if you do not have the Twin XL sheets, full size sheets will fit loosely), pillow, towels, washcloths, and a light blanket. Mattress cover is optional (mattress's are vinyl and cold). These items are not provided as part of the dorm fee.

Items you will want: Toiletries, a lightweight jacket or sweater, umbrella (you will be walking about campus, and it will rain), alarm clock, swimsuit if using the UREC center, and tennis equipment if using the courts. A complete list of "What to Bring" is included in your packet and online.



Weekday Concerts

(There are at least 2-3 concerts a week so plan accordingly when you pack. This could be something you would wear to school but definitely not too casual. No flip-flops, t-shirts, jeans with holes, shorts – basically not your most casual clothes.)

Good jeans, slacks, or a skirt with a nice blouse or a dress**

No shorts or t-shirts.

Good jeans or khaki type pants/slacks, and a short or long sleeve shirt with a collar.

No shorts or t-shirts

Sunday Concerts

(There are concerts on both Sundays during camp. This is not what you would normally wear to school but something nicer. Think in terms of church/worship or NHS/Beta Club induction service.)

Dress slacks or skirt with a nice blouse or a dress**

No shorts, jeans, or t-shirts.

Dress slacks, a collar dress shirt, and a tie is requested.

No shorts, jeans,or t-shirts

*Performances and the Final Awards Banquet/Dinner

(You will be involved in at least 2-3 performances, possibly 4.)

A dress (it does not need to be an expensive dress) or dress slacks/blouse (Black preferred for performance. **We prefer a long dress for you to wear as a performer while dresses for attending a concert or the banquet can be of any appropriate length.)

Dress slacks, dress shirt with a collar, and a tie required; add a sport coat or wear a suit.

(Students who own a tuxedo have worn them for performances but a tuxedo is not required.)

Normal Daily Schedule

(What you wear to classes, ensemble rehearsals, and around campus when not attending a specific special event.)

We follow a public-school dress code. Casual clothing is permitted but shoulders and torsos must be completely covered. Shorts are permitted but may not be too short. Shoes must be worn outside the residence hall and in the residence hall lobby.


An Extra Word About Attire: Please remember that all performance attire should allow you to "blend in" with the other performers. The only think that should be "loud" when you perform is the sound you are making, not the clothes you are wearing. If you choose to show disregard for the other performers with your attire choices, you may not be allowed to perform. When in doubt, black is always appropriate for concert attire.

Everyone will have 2-3 performances and an Awards/Banquet night (this is when we take our Camp Photo) so plan accordingly. Gentlemen, if you do not own a sport coat or suit, please plan on wearing black or khaki pants, a collar shirt, and a tie.

Many campers like to go out to dinner in Boone, so plan to bring summer outfits you can enjoy during your free time. Boone has a casual atmosphere in most all of the restaurants. Biggest complaint we get from the ladies "we did not know to bring outfits for evenings out in Boone".

Look at our Facebook site for past performance photos (a link on our website, you do not need to be a FB user to access).

Instruments: You are expected to furnish your own instruments (except pianists & percussionists-but do bring your sticks). A limited number of instruments such as tubas, double basses, or cellos may be rented from the School of Music for a fee of $10, advance reservations are required. Contact our office.

Instrumentalists should bring a folding music stand and Percussionists their sticks, Pianists bring music you are studying.

Also, all instruments should be in good working order before you arrive at camp. Instrument repairs performed while you are here are not included in the cost of camp. It will be your responsibility to pay for any repairs done locally. Additionally, it is a good idea to have your instruments insured in case of damage, loss, etc.

You may bring, BUT: Cannon Music Camp recognizes the fact that personal electronic devices such as laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones are very integrated into the school, work, and home life of today's society. We are firmly committed to the belief that personal electronics are not suitable to be used during musical lessons, rehearsals, classroom instruction, during a musical performance as either a performer or listener, or after "lights out". These devices should not only be silenced, but also turned off while campers are engaged these activities. Use of these devices at an inappropriate time will result in confiscation of the device and revocation of privileges. As with any other personal property, Cannon Music Camp, Appalachian State University, or our staff will not be responsible for any lost or stolen cellular telephones or computers or their maintenance. Many of these items are very small and left unattended may easily disappear. It is advised that you label all headphones, cords, devices, and other items with your name. (Use tape, label maker, or marker, whatever your find convenient).

There are several points of access for the Internet in the residence hall computer lab. We encourage use of this area. Appalachian does offer access to the Internet as a visitor in common areas; however, Wi-Fi access is restricted in the residence hall, and we cannot guarantee you will have access. It is not possible for our staff to individually trouble shoot technology problems for each camper. Also understand that the Internet is not filtered in the University setting. We encourage parents to remind campers of Internet safety and acceptable use prior to camp.

You may not bring: Camp policy prohibits the use of bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, motorized vehicles, and personal automobiles. This is for your safety and accountability. Most everything that is needed by a camper is within walking distance.

Room and Roommates: Everything possible will be done to honor mutual roommate requests, which should be indicated on your application form than May 15th. Room and roommate assignments will have been made when you check into the residence hall after registration. Counselors will be there to assist you.

Packages and Mail for Campers: Please have anyone sending you anything to camp to be sure to include your name, suite and room number on the package or letter. Mail letters to our ASU Box 32031 AND packages to our physical address. US Postal, UPS, and FED EX are accepted. We do not receive mail or packages on the weekends or holidays.


Our Contact Information


Cannon Music Camp
Boone, North Carolina 28608

Packages via USPS:

Cannon Music Camp (CAMPER NAME -SUITE /RM #)
813 Rivers Street- Broyhill Music Center
Boone, North Carolina 28608

Packages via FedEx/UPS:

Cannon Music Camp (CAMPER NAME -SUITE /RM #)
813 Rivers Street- Broyhill Music Center
Boone, North Carolina 28608

828-262-4091 phone
828-262-3021 fax

Camp Administrator, Greg Snodgrass,