Getting Home from Camp

At the end of camp, parents and campers will need to checkout at the Broyhill Music Center and the residence hall. The camper needs to obtain a checkout form from their counselor. Your counselor will need to know which checkout time/day you want to use in order to schedule their time to assist you. (We do not need this information until the final week of camp.)

  • Friday during the day: 9:00 A.M.- 5 P.M.
  • Friday after the Finalle II Concert 8:50 P.M. - 10 P.M.
  • Saturday morning before the concerts 8 A.M. - 9:30 A.M.
  • Saturday afternoon after last concert 2 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

There will be an assigned load-out (car-packing) time. We know that traffic will be congested in and around the residence hall, so we encourage your patience and quickness as you move things out. Campers be packed and ready to go when parents arrive at the residence hall. Vehicles left in the loading area for extended periods cause traffic jams for those who are ready to load out and depart for home.

To officially checkout of Cannon Music Camp, the camper needs to have completed the following tasks:

  • At Broyhill Music Center:
    • Returned instruments borrowed from the School of Music to Room 105 (DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN A LOCKER)
    • Cleared lockers that were used in the music building (please leave lock on the locker)
    • Lost and Found is at the Camp office.
  • At the Residence Hall:
    • Removed ALL personal belongings from your side of the room.
    • The room should look as it did when you checked in; that is, nothing in or on the furniture, walls, beds, bathroom, floor.
    • The room must be free of trash with ALL trash taken to the trash compactor in the residence hall.
    • The carpet or floor must be cleaned, which will mean sweeping and mopping.
    • If you brought a refrigerator/microwave it should be emptied and cleaned.
    • You will clean your shower and sink areas, as well.
    • If you are the last of the two roommates to leave, shut the windows and close the blinds to signify that the room is empty.
    • The room door should be left UNLOCKED and OPEN as the last roommate leaves.
    • Your counselor/staff member must inspect the room during the checkout times.
    • When found clean and clear with no damage the counselor/staff member will sign the checkout form. This form should be taken to the residence hall desk with the camper's room key.
    • Forms will NOT be accepted without a Key and visa versa.
  • Lost key fee of $55.00 is due at the time of check out, payable to Cannon Music Camp.
    • If parents are staying overnight in Boone on Friday, it is acceptable to do the residence hall checkout on Friday night (provided the list above is complete) and have your child stay with you off campus. However, they are still responsible for arriving on time for Saturday rehearsals and performances. A Friday checkout does tend to avoid longer lines on Saturday but will not work for everyone. Some parents have found that if they move most of their child's belongings out on Friday night and do the official checkout on Saturday morning, this can save time as well.