North Carolina Auditions

2022 North Carolina Regional Scholarship Auditions

It is best to check here before you go to an Audition Site as weather and other elements can alter this process. There will be signs at the school site as to where to go for the auditions for Cannon Music Camp.

Cannon Music Camp offers you the opportunity to perform to a representative of Cannon Music Camp in order to attain a scholarship for Cannon Music Camp. Scholarship amounts vary from $125-$425, please see our scholarship information page for more information.

FYI - you DO NOT have to visit an audition site. You can submit a video or audio audition link. Instructions on our "Scholarships" tab.

On-Site Audition Process

  • Please come to a site listed below and perform your best piece between 10 AM - 2 PM the day of the event. You do not have to be in the All-State Band or Orchestra event to perform. After your audition, the representative will take the results back to the Director of Cannon Music Camp for review. You will receive notice of your award in an e-mail or mailed to your home address, whichever is provided at the time of the audition.
  • If you are competing in any of the North Carolina All-State Band or Orchestra events, and you placed in the top chair positions, you may be offered a scholarship based on your instrument and placement. Since the process of notifying you is different, the scholarship offer will be sent to your school music director. If you did not get the letter, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail the office at the contact information to the left of this page. We have found that some schools do not deliver offers in a timely manner.
  • If you are not a top chair or unsure of your placement, and you want to receive an offer, please audition for us at one of these events OR send in a performance audition via a YouTube private link as specified on the "Scholarships" tab. This will ensure you have a chance to receive an offer.


  • Instrumentalists: pieces that are used for All-District, All-Region, or All-State auditions or Solo and Ensemble festivals would be fine to perform for our School Representative. They will be listening to your tone, intonation, technique, musicality, range & scales.
  • Percussionists, Pianists, and Vocalists, please DO NOT ATTEND, since these venues do not have Drum Sets or Pianos for your use. Instead, please send in your performance through the instructions on the Scholarship tab. 

Due to the timing of these competitions, the offers that are sent to your school will not be sent out until mid to late February. Our suggestion is to apply first to secure your space, then seek scholarship funding.

2022 In-Person Dates & Location

  • TBD - stay tuned for announcement of audition locations!

Reminder**** Apply first, then work on scholarship funding, since many performance areas fill quickly. You DO NOT have to visit an audition site - you can submit a video or audio audition link. Instructions on our "Scholarships" tab.

Contact Cannon Music Camp for questions regarding the auditions - phone 828-262-4091 or email Driving directions can be found online; please do not call us or the school for directions. Inclement weather may postpone an All-State date. In that event, CMC auditions will be held on the rescheduled date.