Outside Scholarship Providers

Over the years many people & organizations who love music and want their community members to grow will provide scholarships to young musicians to attend Cannon Music Camp. Seek this information from your community music, art, library organizations, music instructors and school.

Performance fundraisers are also a great way to raise money, and the community gets the benefit to see you perform.

Below are a few that have provided scholarships. We do not have any affiliation with these providers, so please contact them and find out if there is funding available and their prerequisties for applying. If you do recieve funding and you need us to contact them, please don't hesitate to let Lisl Doughton (Camp Administrator, cannonmusiccamp@appstate.edu) know so that we can ensure the finding can be applied.


  • Your School Band Booster
  • Your Community & County Music Group
  • Your Community & County Arts Group
  • Your Local or City Symphony Orchestra & Youth Orchestra
  • Your Local Music Store
  • Your Local Place of Worship
  • Your School Guidance Counselor, they may know of an organization that gives to student musicians for summer programs.

Community Music Club in Lenoir, North Carolina are exclusively for Caldwell County students and meet Cannon Music Camp requirements.

Gaston Music Education Foundation, Inc. - Gaston County (NC) 11th grade students and who meet Cannon Music Camp requirements, may apply for a music scholarship to Cannon Music Camp at Appalachian State University. To apply, students must live and go to public, private, or home schools in Gaston County. Auditions are held in February by the Gaston Music Education Foundation in Gastonia, NC. Application deadline is January 11th. For applications, scholarship requirements, and music lists, or other information, please contact - GMEF 908 Crestline Drive Mount Holly, NC 28120.

Laurel Lake Music Society in Columbus, North Carolina is exclusively for high school students (or others of that age who may have been home schooled) to apply if they live in the Polk County, NC, Rutherford County, NC or Landrum, SC high school areas (as defined on our detailed map) and meet Cannon Music Camp requirements. Please e-mail Mr. Peter Cook acton66@charter.net for an application and audition requirements. Students may compete in the following categories: piano, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion and voice. Over the past 15 years the Laurel Lake Music Society has funded hundreds of scholarships at a cost of more than $140,000. All funds used for these scholarships are the result of generous donations by Tryon Estates residents.

Cannon Music Camp is grateful for the financial support of The Mariam and Robert Hayes Charitable Trust and other donors. If you would like to help financialy to this worthwhile program and help support scholarships, please go the "Give" link listed here, and select the "Program Fund" , and then Cannon Music Camp from the drop down list. Your donation will go specifically to Cannon Music Camp and scholarship funding.